Novembre 2020.

Publication de l'équipe CIMI et de l'équipe SAMSON dans Journal of Physical Chemistry C


Photoactivated Refractive Index Anisotropy in Fluorescent Thiophene Derivatives.

 The optical control of anisotropy in materials is highly advantageous for many technological applications, including the real-time modulation of another light signal in photonic switches and sensors. Here, we introduce three thiophene derivatives with a donor–acceptor structure, which feature different positions of an electron-acceptor nitrile group, and both photoalignment and luminescence properties. Quantum chemical calculations highlight the presence of trans-forms stable at room temperature and metastable cis-isomers. Besides photoluminescence peaked at 440–460 nm and 0.4 ns lifetime, the three nonlinear optical chromophores exhibit photoinduced anisotropy of the refractive index closely depending on the specific molecular structure, with higher values of birefringence at lower driving signal being obtained for ortho substitution of the nitrile group. All-optical modulation of an external light beam at rates of hundreds of hertz is demonstrated in the fluorescent systems. This finding opens an interesting route to multispectral photonic switches embedded in the active layers of light-emitting devices.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c07455