Février 2021.

Publication de l'équipe S2OMaF et de l'équipe CIMI du laboratoire Moltech-Anjou dans Chemistry A European Journal

Tuning the Organogelating and Spectroscopic Properties of a C3‐Symmetric Pyrene‐Based Gelator through Charge Transfer

ABSTRACT: Two‐component organogels and xerogels based on a C3‐symmetric pyrene‐containing gelator have been deeply characterized through a wide range of techniques. Based on the formation of charge transfer complexes, the gelation phenomenon proved to be highly dependent on the nature of the electron poor dopant. This parameter significantly influenced the corresponding gelation domains, the critical gelation concentrations of acceptor dopants, the gel‐to‐sol transition temperatures, the microstructures formed in the xerogel state and their spectroscopic properties. In particular, titrations and variable‐temperature UV–visible absorption spectroscopy demonstrated the key role of donor–acceptor interactions with a remarkable correlation between the phase transition temperatures and the disappearance of the characteristic charge transfer bands. The assignment of these electronic transitions was confirmed through time‐dependent density functional theory (TD‐DFT) calculations. Eventually, it was shown that the luminescent properties of these materials can be tuned with the temperature, either in intensity or emission wavelength.  
DOI: doi.org/10.1002/chem.202003914