Technical platform CRISTAL


 Operational Manager : Magali ALLAIN


XRD analysis


Rigaku oxford diffraction SuperNova: single crystal X-ray diffractometer with Atlas CCD detector and micro-focus Cu-Kα radiation, equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems cooler (80K-500K)


  Agilent SuperNova2

KAPPA CCD (Bruker) single crystal X-ray diffractometer equipped with an Oxford cryosystems cooler

D8 ADVANCE (Bruker) X-ray diffractometer for powder XRD applications, equipped with the Super Speed VANTEC detector and with TTK 450 Temperature Chamber (-193° C to +450° C)(Anton Paar)






ATG and DSC Analysis


Q500 Thermogravimetric Analyser equipped with Hi-Res module (TA Instruments)


Q20 differential scanning calorimeter equipped with liquid nitrogen cooling system (LNCS) (TA Instruments)