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Laboratoire MOLTECH Anjou
UFR Sciences, Bat. K
2, boulevard Lavoisier
49045 ANGERS Cedex - FRANCE


Book chapters:

Supramolecular Redox Transduction: Macrocyclic Receptors for Organic Guests
Sébastien Goeb, David Canevet, Marc Sallé
in “Organic Synthesis and Molecular Engineering”, Ed: Mogens Brøndsted Nielsen, Wiley VCH, 2014DOI: 10.1002/9781118736449.

Tweezers and macrocycles for the molecular recognition of fullerenes
David Canevet, Emilio M. Pérez, Nazario Martín
in “Organic Nanomaterials”, Eds: T. Torres and G. Bottari, Wiley VCH, 2013DOI: 10.1002/9781118354377.ch7.


Robust supramolecular nanocylinders of naphthalene diimide in water
Thomas Choisnet, David Canevet, Marc Sallé, Erwan Nicol, Frédérick Niepceron, Jacques Jestin, Olivier Colombani*
Chemical Communications201955, 9519-9522.

Supramolecular chemistry of helical foldamers at the solid liquid interface: self-assembled monolayers and anion recognition
Catherine Adam, Lara Faour, Valérie Bonnin, Tony Breton, Eric Levillain, Marc Sallé, Christelle Gautier,* David Canevet*
Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 8426-8429.

Redox-controlled hybridization of helical foldamers
Lara Faour, Catherine Adam, Christelle Gautier, Sébastien Goeb, Eric Levillain, David Canevet,* Marc Sallé*
Chemical Communications, 2019, 55, 5743-5746.

Functionalised tetrathiafulvalene- (TTF-) macrocycles: Recent trends in applied supramolecular chemistry
Atanu Jana, Steffen Bähring, Masatoshi Ishida, Sébastien Goeb, David Canevet, Marc Sallé,* Jan O. Jeppesen* and Jonathan L. Sessler*
Chemical Society Reviews, 2018, 47, 5614-5647.

(Super)Gelators derived from push-pull chromophores: Synthesis, gelling properties and second harmonic generation
A.Belén Marco, Denis Gindre, Konstantinos Iliopoulos, Santiago Franco, Raquel Andreu,* David Canevet,* Marc Sallé*
Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018, 16, 2470-2478.

Pyrene-functionalized foldamer: Structural impact and recognition properties supported by donor-acceptor interactions
Fatima Aparicio, Lara Faour, Magali Allain, David Canevet,* Marc Sallé*
Chemical Communications, 2017, 53, 12028-12031.

Coordination entities of a pyrene-based iminopyridine ligand: Structural and photophysical properties
Awatef Ayadi, Diana G. Branzea, Magali Allain, David Canevet, Haluk Dinçalp,* Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury*
Polyhedron2017135, 86-95.

C60 Recognition from extended tetrathiafulvalene bis-acetylide platinum(II) complexes
Guillaume Bastien, Paul I. Dron, Manon Vincent, David Canevet, Magali Allain, Sébastien Goeb,* Marc Sallé*
Organic Letters201618, 5856-5859.

Supramolecular control over the structural organization of a second-order NLO-active organogelator
Fátima Aparicio, Lara Faour, Denis Gindre, David Canevet,* Marc Sallé*
Soft Matter, 201612, 8480-8484.

Promoting spontaneous second harmonic generation through organogelation
A. Belén Marco, Fátima Aparicio, Lara Faour, Konstantinos Iliopoulos, Yohann Morille, Magali Allain, Santiago Franco, Raquel Andreu, Bouchta Sahraoui, Denis Gindre, David Canevet,* Marc Sallé*
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016138, 9025–9028.

Triggering gel formation and luminescence through donor-acceptor interactions in a C3-symmetric tris(pyrene) system
Thanh-Loan Lai, Flavia Pop, Caroline Melan, David Canevet,* Marc Sallé, Narcis Avarvari*
Chemistry - A European Journal, 201622, 5839–5843. Hot paper and cover.

Internal probing of the supramolecular organization of pyrene-based organogelators
Thanh-Loan Lai, David Canevet,* Narcis Avarvari, Marc Sallé*
Chemistry an Asian Journal, 201611, 81-85.

Revisiting urea-based gelators: strong solvent- and casting-microstructure dependencies and organogel processing using an alumina template
Thanh-Loan Lai, David Canevet,* Yasser Almohamed, Jean-Yves Mévellec, Régis Barillé, Narcis Avarvari,* Marc Sallé*
New Journal of Chemistry, 201438, 4448-4457.

Multifunctional photo- and redox-active TTF-based organogelators: A modular approach
David Canevet, Véronique Repussard, Marc Sallé*
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 20143, 216-224.

One size fits ball: Macrocyclic hosts for fullerenes with micromolar affinity
Emilio M. Pérez,* Helena Isla, David Canevet, Maria Gallego, Alberto de Juan, Nazario Martín*
Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society, 2012243, #678.

Supramolecular interaction of single-walled carbon nanotubes with a functional TTF-based mediator probed by field-effect transistor devices
Annette Wurl, Sebastian Goossen, David Canevet, Marc Sallé, Emilio M. Pérez, Nazario Martín, Christian Klinke*
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2012116, 20062-20066.

Boosting electrical conduct in a gel-derived material by nanostructuring with trace carbon nanotubes
David Canevet, Ángel Pérez del Pino, David B. Amabilino, Marc Sallé
Nanoscale, 20113, 2898-2902.

Wraparound hosts for fullerenes: Tailored macrocycles and cages
David Canevet, Emilio M. Pérez, Nazario Martín
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 201150, 9248-9259. Für Deutschen !

Intercalation of TTF between the two plates of a copper(I)-complexed [4]rotaxane
Jean- Pierre Sauvage, Yann Trolez, David Canevet, Marc Sallé
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2011, 2413-2416.
Invited for cover and highlighted on chemistryviews.org

Macrocyclic hosts for fullerenes: Extreme changes in binding abilities with small structural variations
David Canevet, Maria Gallego, Helena Isla, Alberto de Juan, Emilio Pérez, Nazario Martín
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011133, 3184- 3190.

Tetrathiafulvalene-based architectures: from guests recognition to self-assembly
Marc Sallé, David Canevet, Jean-Yves Balandier, Joël Lyskawa, Gaëlle Trippé, Sébastien Goeb, Franck le Derf
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements, 2011186, 1153-1168.

Varied nanostructures from a single multifunctional molecular material
David Canevet, Ángel Pérez del Pino, David Amabilino, Marc Sallé
Journal of Materials Chemistry, 201121, 1428-1437.
Highlighted on http://blogs.rsc.org

An electron-rich three dimensional receptor based on a calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene assembly
Joël Lyskawa, David Canevet, Magali Allain, Marc Sallé
Tetrahedron Letters, 201051, 5868-5872.

N-Aryl pyrrolotetrathiafulvalene-based ligands: Synthesis and metal coordination
Jean-Yves Balandier, Marcos Chas, Paul Dron, Sébastien Goeb, David Canevet, Ahmed Belyasmine, Magali Allain, Marc Sallé
Journal of Organic Chemistry, 201075, 1589- 1599.

Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) derivatives: key building-blocks for switchable processes
David Canevet, Marc Sallé, Guanxin Zhang, Deqing Zhang, Daoben Zhu
Chemical Communications, 2009, 2245-2269. Invited for cover.

An extended tetrathiafulvalene redox-ligand incorporating a thiophene spacer
Gaëlle Trippé, David Canevet, Franck Le Derf, Pierre Frère, Marc Sallé
Tetrahedron Letters, 200849, 5452-5454.

Carboxylic acid derivatives of tetrathiafulvalene: Key intermediates for the synthesis of redox-active calixarene-based anion receptors
Bang-Tun Zhao, María-Jesús Blesa, Franck Le Derf, David Canevet, Chahrazed Benhaoua, Miloud Mazari, Magali Allain, Marc Sallé
Tetrahedron, 200763, 44, 10768-10777.


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