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Dernières publications du personnel du laboratoire :


Septembre 2019. Nouvelle publication des groupes ERDySS et SOMaF

Robust supramolecular nanocylinders of naphthalene diimide in water

T. Choisnet, D. Canevet, M. Sallé, E. Nicol, F. Niepceron, J. Jestin, O. Colombani.


Septembre 2019. Nouvelle publication des groupes ERDySS et SOMaF

Supramolecular chemistry of helical foldamers at the solid–liquid interface: self-assembled monolayers and anion recognition

C. Adam, L. Faour, V. Bonnin, T. Breton, E. Levillain, M. Sallé, C. Gautier, D. Canevet.


Aout 2019. CHEMICAL REVIEWS. Nouvelle publication de Narcis Avarvari.

 Main-Group-Based Electro- and Photoactive Chiral Materials

 (Flavia Pop, Nicolas Zigon, Narcis Avarvari) MOLTECH-Anjou, UMR 6200, CNRS, Université Angers.


Juin 2019. PHYSICAL REVIEW. Nouvelle publication de Narcis Avarvari.

Strong electrical magnetochiral anisotropy in tellurium

 G. L. J. A. Rikken : Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, UPR 3228 CNRS/EMFL/INSA/UGA/UPS, Toulouse and Grenoble, France

N. Avarvari : MOLTECH-Anjou, UMR 6200, CNRS, Université Angers.


Juin 2019. Nouvelle publication de Narcis Avarvari dans le journal ACS Omega

Large Synthetic Molecule that either Folds or Aggregates through Weak Supramolecular Interactions Determined by Solvent

Cristina Oliveras-González, Mathieu Linares, David B. Amabilino and Narcis Avarvari


Juin 2019. Publication de Frédéric Gohier

Syntheses and NMR and XRD studies of carbohydrate–ferrocene conjugates

 (Fanny Peigneguy, Magali Allain, Charles Cougnon, Pierre Frère, Benjamin Siegler, Christine Bressy  and Frédéric Gohier)



Mars 2019 par Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury

Imidazole and Azo-Based Schiff Bases Ligands as Highly Active Antifungal and Antioxidant Components.

Siham Slassi, Adeline Fix-Tailler, Gérald Larcher, Amina Amine and Abdelkrim El-Ghayoury.


Mars 2019 par Narcis Avarvari

The fate of bromine after temperature-induced dehydrogenation of on-surface synthesized bisheptahelicene.

Anaïs Mairena, Milos Baljozovic, Maciej Kawecki, Konstantin Grenader, Martin Wienke, Kevin Martin, Laetitia Bernard, Narcis Avarvari, Andreas Terfort, Karl-Heinz Ernst and Christian Wackerlin.


Mars 2019. Publication de Philippe Blanchard

Triphenylamine and some of its derivatives as versatile building blocks for organic electronic applications.

(Philippe Blanchard, Claudia Malacrida, Clément Cabanetos, Jean Roncali and Sabine Ludwigs)