ERDySS Research Group

(Electrochimie, Réactivité, Dynamique
et Structuration de Surfaces)


Group Leader : Eric LEVILLAIN (DR - CNRS)

Academic Researchers




DIAS Marylène (MC)

GAUTIER Christelle (CR CNRS)

Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Researchers

CESBRON Marius ((PhD student MESR)

LOPEZ-MARIN Isidoro (Post-Doctoral ANR)

PICHEREAU Laure (PhD student MESR)



Sum up of researches of ERDySS group


Created in January 2008, the ERDySS group develops different methodological approaches at the interface of theoretical chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy, mainly focused on the study of chemical reactivity associated to electron transfer.
In general, our scientific approach is:

- To develop fundamental methodology based on electrochemical methods, in order to establish structure/property relationships to understand why a specific property observed in solution can be preserved when the molecule is confined in a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) or multilayers,

- To extend this approach by the study of interfacial reactivity: electrochemical transduction, electrocatalysis, energy, patterning…



Research topics :


Electrochemical response / redox distribution relationship on mixed SAMs.

Mixed SAMs: Phase segregation modelling.

Electrocatalysis on mixed SAMs.

Host-guest and electrochemical transduction on mixed SAMs.

Electroactive mono and multilayer from diazonium grafting.

Design of a fully organic rechargeable battery.

Spectroelectrochemistry on redox organic mono or multi-layers.


Publications since 2008

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