Presentation of SCL team (Linear Conjugated Systems)


 Responsible : Lionel Sanguinet (MC)


Permanent people

Philippe Blanchard (DR CNRS)

Clément Cabanetos (CR CNRS)

Sylvie Dabos (CR CNRS)

Pierre Frère (Pr)

Frédéric Gohier (MC)

Philippe Leriche (Pr)

Maïténa Oçafrain (MC)

Jean Roncali (DR CNRS émérite)

Olivier Segut (MC)

Non-Permanent people

Sana Adibi (PhD student)

Augustin Ayoub (PhD student)

Tatiana Ghanem (PhD student)

Amirhossein Habibi (Engineer)

Nagham Ibrahim (PhD student)

Hayley Melville (Engineer)

Maria Saadeh (PhD student)





SCL group activity


The group “Linear Conjugated Systems” (SCL) includes specialists in organic synthesis and physical chemistry (CNRS section 13 and sections CNU 31-32).
The activity of the team is focused on the design, synthesis, characterization and applications of molecules, molecular assemblies and materials from conjugated systems.


This activity is divided into 5 main areas:


Nano-dynamic objects

Surface modification

Electronic devices and organic solar cells

Semiconductors from biomass

Materials for electrodes and functionalized surfaces



All these activities rely on a proven experience and on many fundamental studies
on structure-property relation-ships in organic electro-active conjugated system..



Surface modifications





Two-dimensional organic networks as host for electroactive molecules




Synthesis of nano-objects that can mimic logic circuits by photoswitching. Models for the future design of molecular electronic devices.






Organic electronics and solar cells

Design, synthesis and study of new organic chromophores incorporable as active materials in solar cells and in other electronic devices.
Use of small molecules in place of polymers in solar cells.

Semi-conductors from biomass

Renewable raw materials derived from biomass for organic electronics.

Matérials for electrodes

Functionalized electroactive polymers as sensors or for storage and release of organic compounds or gases.




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