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Publication S2OMAF - Inorganics, juil. 2022

Nouvel article de l'équipe S2OMAF dans Inorganics :

Controlling Chiral Self-Sorting in Truxene-Based Self-Assembled Cages.

Benchohra Amina, Simon Séjourné, Antoine Labrunie, Liam Miller, Enzo Charbonneau, Vincent Carré, Frédéric Aubriet, Magali Allain, Marc Sallé and Sébastien Goeb


Coordination driven self-assembly of achiral components, i.e., hexa-alkylated truxene ligands (L) with bis-metallic complexes (M2), afforded three chiral face-rotating stereoisomer polyhedra (M6L2). By tuning the length of the alkyl chains as well as the distance between both ligands facing each other in the self-assemblies (M6L2), one can control the diastereomeric distribution between the expected homo- and hetero-chiral structures.

DOI: 10.3390/inorganics10070103