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Ortho O-Annulated AzaBenzannulated PeryleneDiimide and BisAzaCoroneneDiimide. David A. H. G, Shymon S., Melville H., Accou, L.-A., Gapin A., Allain M., Alévêque O., Force M., Grosjean A., Hudhomme P., Le Bras L., Goujon A.

Synthesis of 1,6/7-(NO2)2Perylenediimide and 1,6/7-(NH2)2Perylenediimide: Regioisomerically Pure Materials for Organic Electronics. Gapin A., David A. H. G., Allain M., Masson D., Alévêque O., Ave T., Le Bras L., Hudhomme P., Goujon A.


An Efficient Imine Photocyclization as an Alternative to the Pictet-Spengler Reaction for the Synthesis of AzaBenzannulated Perylenediimide Dyes. Goujon A., Rocard L., Cauchy T. Hudhomme P.